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         Get in shape, become a roadrunner!

In April 1985 at the age of 41 I was finally  motivated to do something about the terrible shape I was in. I bought a pair of running shoes and started to jog from lamp-post to lamp-post. Almost every day. 

After a week I was able to pass three lamp-posts without walking and a few weeks later I was able to run 1 mile. What a victory!

In the long run (yes, take it both ways) I felt that I not only improved my shape but my brains also seemed to benefit from a healthier body.>


In November 85, on a nasty rainy Sunday I ran 13 miles (more than 20 kms) After a very hot bath it still took me 3 days to recover. But how proud I was!

On Friday December the 13th my only child died in  a traffic-accident at the age of 16 and my future suddenly became one big black hole. However I promised him on his grave to run a marathon sacred to his memory.

After an extreemly difficult periode of incredible grieve I put on my running shoes again. Driven by enormous will-power I started to prepare. Fortunately nobody could see that a lot of sweat  was actually teardrops. In November 1986 I ran the New York Marathon. A distance of more then 26 miles. (42 km and 195 meters to be exact) I passed the finish line after 4 hours and 20 minutes and to my surprise I left more then 11.000 people behind me. 

Since then I have completed another two NY marathons, many half-marathons and running has become a lifestyle.

What I want to share with you is how running changed my life in such a positive way. Despite of the tragedy that happened, which could have ruined my life forever, I enjoy life again. So:

Improve your life, get a pair of running shoes and show that 

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