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April 2003  

Hi bowlingfriends:

This part of my website is dedicated to bowling, the sport I practized intensively between 1970 and 1985. It's a part of my life with so many experiences to tell about that I could write a book about it. But don't worry, I'm not going to put all these experiences here. 

The main reason I deceided to spend some pages about bowling is because I saw by coincidence in 2002 a new bowlingcenter in Ampuriabrava. A city at the Costa Brava where I am regulary. I entered and could'nt risist playing a few games again.  This after many years of not having touched a bowlingball. After visiting this bowlingcenter again this year I played with some Spanish bowlinglovers and they stimulated me to come back and to play more often. Once a bowler always a bowler? Anyway, I found the pocket again and meanwhile you'll find my name on the scoreboard of the house with a 268 game.

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An interesting website with for intstance instructive videos showing strikes, spares, releases and approaches you can find:  HERE

A little bit bowlinghistory:

In 1970 I saw the inside of a bowlingcenter for the first time and playing with friends I got more strikes then my friends. After some visits more someone who had observated me, asked me to join a club. A club participating in a house-league. From that time a period of 15 years started inwhich you could find me several times a week in a bowlingcenter. First the one in my area but on the end in all centers of some importance. As well as in Holland as in foreign countries. 

After successes like province-champion, third place in the national championships and winning some important tournaments, they asked me to join the national team. A big honor and of course I said Yes!... not knowing how much time it would cost every week. Not only driving often more then 200 kilometers just to practice with the team but also participating in many tournaments inside and outside the country. Most of all new to me was the pressure to performe well as a member of a national team. However this kind of pressure sometimes results in very high scrores. 

If you are a bowler yourself you'll know that in fact everybody is able to throw a strike sometimes. Nice and stimulating for a beginner. However, only the advanced player knows how to 'spare' often. And when you want to get 200 games it's very important to controll very well your spares. I'm lefthanded and the 7 pin, the one most left on the lane is rather difficult to get. For the righthanded bowlers it's the 10 pin on the other side. Leaving this pin is many times the result of an 'almost-strike'. It's very irritating when it happens regulary during tournaments and especially when you have to spare to win the game. In 1974 I missed the 7 pin in the last frame of the last game and it cost me the second place in the Dutch championships. Believe me, later in the dressingroom the ball saw every corner of the room....

In 1975 the national team joined the world-championship in London. It was the time when I regulary played games of 220 and more. Alsmost every day I had to practice and during a summervacation at Mallorca my wife was enjoying the sun on the beach while I was bowling at the Palma bowlingcenter. By coincidence I met some Spanish bowlers who also seemed to be participants of the same championships in London later that year. Soon the sound of strikes resonated frequently through the bowlingcenter and we had a good time. These days I still could'nt speak one word Spanish but we understood eachother very well:-) A pity I did'nt see them again in London. That time Franco died and temporarily nowbody was alowed to cross the Spanish boarder. Not even a bowlingteam who had prepared for so long to join a worldchampionship.
How well my results were before this championship, how bad they were dúring this championship. Don't ask me why but I played realy bad. Too much pressure? Strange lane-conditions? Nervous? Too much practicing? The fact that I never liked Brunswick lanes? Maybe a little of everything. Anyway, the American Stoudt won the finals with an average of 212 over (I thougth) 32 games. Not bad at all, is'nt it? Today it might be sufficient to get into the final but to win a big tournament with it will not be good anough anymore. 

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