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This website contains several subjects which interest me and hopefuly you too. Spain, my lifestyle, hobbies, sports, photo presentations, the weather, educative pages about midi, audio, video, spyware etc. etc. Depending on the item, pictures or text will be updated daily, weekly or regulary. This is one of the reasons I'd like to invite you to add the site to your favorites. It is also a little piece of my life containing pages where I want to share some things with you. Sometimes with a laughter or a smile, sometimes with a tear but above all born out of enthousiasm for the computer, the Web and all their possibilities.


I started this site in 1998 but because of the private character I deceided to give the internetaddress (URL) only to family, friends and good aquaintances. By the years I added things but like a room where we never put a new wallpaper or change the curtains also this site became a little oldfashioned.

Since the end of November 2002 the long expected cable-internetconnection became possible in my area. So finaly I was able to explore the wide world web not concerning the telephonecosts. This stimulated me starting to give my site an important facelift. Also to reduce the private character in order to increase the amount of visitors. After all, 'playing for a bigger crowd' makes it more fun, is'nt it?;-)

After refreshing older layouts and articles, new pages have been added. Maybe I still do not have 100% under control my impulse to movement, colours and flourish but it's already much less then it used to be. From December 2002 I added serveral new pages like: Tweelingen (Dutch), Audio Music, Webcams, Daily pictures, Your Pictures, Superlinks, AVON Sport ,(Dutch) Uurtje trimmen, (Dutch)  the Translate engine, the 4 time-temperature clocks, new pictures, the whole layout and more. It's a hobby so within a few month there will be added more ... and more ..and..

Anyway, thanks for visiting my pages. For remarks, suggestions, ideas and everything else in favor of this site I recommand the guestbook. Or discuss with me and others in the 'DON'S FORUM'.

Best regards,
Don Esteban